Movie Poster Winner Announcement!!!
Our grade 5 and 6 students worked hard for three weeks to write up their movie reports and design beautiful posters.  The judging team spent quite a bit of time choosing the winning posters after collecting all the entries.
Friday came around and we were able to award the following students with certificates and a promise of a field trip to the movie theater in the near future.  The winners of this competition are:
Grade 5 winners, in no particular order:
*Elif Yavrutürk   *Adin Koylan  *Hatice Naz Solak  *Beyza Ertan  *Emre Civcik
*Demir Halisdemir  *Havin Memiş  *Duru Özdoğan  * Ahmet Atilla Karakaya
Grade 6 winners, in no particular order:
*Duru Balcılar  *Hasan Yozgat  *Ada Güler  *Kıvanç Güven